This is Foothill in a nut shell! What you should expect when registering to be a Foothill Clogger! 

We are passionate about teaching clogging. Our goal is to teach kids to be confident on stage and have fun experiences as part of a committed team, while strengthening a new talent. Foothill stands for positive, modest, self-esteem-building dance. Each one of our dancers is important to us, and we listen to our students’ needs and concerns. We love kids and value our Foothill Family and the support system in it! They are what make Foothill what it is today!   

 COMMUNICATION: We are BIG on communication here at Foothill Cloggers. It is our promise to respond to all inquiries within 24-hours (through the work week), and we will never leave a query unanswered.  For convenience, our primary means of communication is via email. With that being said, we try to send a text each time we email you to remind you to check your email. You will receive regular newsletters and important information via email so please ensure you have provided the studio with an up-to-date email address that is regularly checked. We are, of course, happy to include multiple email addresses per family if you would like your correspondence sent to numerous recipients.  We use for text messages as well. But remind only allows us to use so many characters, so the messages are small. Please always check your email. We also use/require the Band App that we post videos to so the dancers can practice. 

 PRACTICE UNIFORMS: (Shorts and Shirt) Each dancer is required to purchase a practice uniform and wear it to class each week. When the team matches, it is easier to identify what needs to be fixed in the dances. Practice uniforms are modest and easy to clog in. We will order and purchase all new practice uniforms in August at summer camp. 

 COSTUMES: Most teams purchase 1-2 costume per year. The cost may vary, but they are usually $90 – $120 per costume. This includes all pieces to the costume including hair things and nylons.  In some circumstances, we do two costumes in the more advanced teams.   

SHOES: Each year in August at summer camp, all dancers that have grown out of their shoes can sell them to other dancers in the studio.  Each parent sets the price that they would like to sell their child’s shoes for.  If you are unable to get used shoes, I have a lady who comes and sells shoes here at my house the first week of September. Until shoe day arrives, have your dancer wear gym shoes to class until you are able to get shoes.

SUMMER CAMP & PARENT MEETING: The first week of August we start back up with a kick-off Foothill Summer Camp & Parent Meeting. It consists of a 2-hour practice & I will meet with the parents the last 20 minutes of this class.  This is when we make sure all teams are going to work well together, build team unity, do a fun clogging craft, and give the parents all the details and dates for the year!  It’s a great time! The cost for the camp is included in the August lesson fees.

WEEKLY PRACTICES: We love our dancers! You are paying for us to teach them—The only way we can teach them is to have them in class each week.  Please arrive on time for class and pick up promptly when class is over.                        

DIRECT WITHDRAWAL FOR LESSONS: Foothill Cloggers require that each dancer, on the 3rd day of each month, direct withdraw for lesson fees. The only other withdrawal is on October 15 for the costume fee and January 15 for competition fees. The form for direct withdrawal is required to fill out with registration.   

COMPETITION: Here at the Foothill Cloggers we compete in approximately 3 – 4 competitions each season, depending on the level. I will get you the dates early in August. There is usually an individuals competition in November and 3 Spring team competitions. The fees vary but are usually about $24 per event. Each team is required to compete 2 team dances and solos which means they enter 3 events at each competition, the rest are optional. We will discuss which competitions we are going to and the dates at the parent meeting at summer camp. Competition is a lot of fun and it helps us polish and spend time with our teams. We love winning, but it is by far not the most important or most valuable part, please keep it in perspective.

DANCE REVIEW: Dance Review is definitely a favorite!! The opportunity to perform in a recital/concert is an exciting, empowering, and confidence-building part of the training process. Our Recital is usually in late April and is a wonderful way for students to showcase the results of their hard work and for family and friends to join in the pride of their achievement. We love giving all students the chance to perform for their family and friends in this supportive and fun environment. Dance Review is a required commitment!  Please make sure your dancer is there! 

REHEARSALS: Here at Foothill Cloggers, dress and technical rehearsals are a super important part of preparing for our end-of-year recital. This rehearsal is where we get to fix the lighting and effects with the costumes and dancers. It gives us a chance to make any adjustments and ensure that everyone has time to get ready between their dances. We can also see if any costumes are missing hairpieces or need to be taken in by our experienced costume designer. Even more important, it gives the stars of our show a chance to get up and rehearse on the big stage – a very different environment than they are used to within the studio walls. They can overcome some of the jitters that may hit when the bright lights come on and really prepare themselves for the show ahead. It is a fun and rewarding experience and a great chance to be with their teammates and watch some inspiring dancers as they wait for their turn in the spotlight. 

TOUR: Every couple of years, the Foothill Cloggers go on a performing tour.  In the past, we have traveled to California three times, Branson Missouri two times, St. George for Tuacahn, Florida, and the Bahamas.  Touring is an amazing experience to share our talents while we experience new places.  Touring is completely optional but highly recommended. It’s a blast, you will love it! We are planning on going on a cruise June 2025 and everyone is invited!