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RETURNING STUDENT registration is due by May 1st and after May 1st there is a $20 late fee.
NEW STUDENTS registration is open now until June 1st. To assure your dancers spot, register sooner than later because our beginner classes fill up.  I will not direct withdraw for Registration fees, please pay registration fees when responding to this form by Venmo @osborn.tara
$20 Toddlers 3-4 Year Old Class
$40 All Returning Students (Registration fee includes digital download for solos)
$45 New Students (Registration fee includes digital download for solos)

If you have multiple dancers in the same level, please double check with Tara before paying because you only need one digital download per level. 


$35.00 Toddler Class (40 minutes per Week)  
$50.00 45 min Teams 
$55.00 1 hour Teams
$65.00 1 hour 15 min Teams 

There is a $5 per dancer family discount if you have multiple dancers dancing from your family. 

COSTUMES: $90.00 – $120.00 (for one costume) DUE by October 15th. This will be direct withdrawn. If you need to cancel your costume for any reason, there will be no refund.  Advanced, champ and pro will almost always have two costumes and the other levels may have two costumes which will be a bit more. 

REQUIRED PRACTICE UNIFORMS:  ALL DANCERS ARE REQUIRED TO GET A PRACTICE UNIFORM. They are approximately $60 for shorts and a shirt. Practice Uniforms are required to be worn each week to class.  All samples and sizes will be at summer camp to try on. The orders will then be placed at summer camp the first week of August and this will not be refunded.

When you register your child, you are committing to this statement and to take classes August 2024 until May 2025.

*If for some reason your dancer chooses to quit dancing after September 1st, 2024. Your will be continued to be charged lesson fees through May 2025. 
*I must understand that clogging is a very physical activity, and understand that the Foothill Cloggers staff will do everything in their power to ensure the safety of each student. Because of the physical demands clogging places on the body, injuries can occur: therefore, I hereby release Foothill Cloggers, its director, staff, studio, outside playground, trampoline, and facilities from all liabilities and that may result from an injury; By signing this form I hold harmless, the Foothill Cloggers, if any injuries do occur. (Please only allow your child to play on our playground or trampoline if you plan to be completely responsible and liable to all injuries.) At the address of 616 S 600 W in Genola, Ut, Foothill Cloggers will not allow any child to jump on the trampoline, play on the play ground and clog without this form signed. 
*Returned checks or insufficient funds fee is $20.00. 
*If your child’s team uses a prop you will be required to pay a small fee for the prop. 
*Clogging shoes are the most important part of clogging. We will all buy the same shoes.